Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bunn Coffee Maker

A few years ago, I represented a male client in a nasty divorce. He hated his wife and she hated him. And they both made it their full-time job hating each other. I honestly think they hated each other more than they loved their kids. Finally after months of discovery, depositions, screaming, yelling, etc., they decided to settle. After dividing up several hundreds of thousands of dollars, it came down to the Bunn Coffee Maker. They both wanted it, and the husband had it. I don't know much about coffee. I like to put cream and sugar in it. But I'm not a coffee fanatic. Anyway, these two spent hundreds of dollars arguing over the damn Bunn Coffee Maker. I even offered to buy my guy a new coffee maker out of my own pocket to be done with the whole thing. But he refused. They could have easily bought several new Bunn Coffee Makers for what they spent in lawyer fees arguing over the old one. One day out of know where my guy decided she could have it. I was a little surprised that he finally saw the light and decided it wasn't worth what he was paying me to fight with her attorney about it, but a little apprehensive as well because I figured he did something to it to spite her. But he promised me that the coffee maker was not harmed. A few days later, I got a call from her attorney....my guy hand delivered the Bunn Coffee Maker...he threw it through the very large front plate glass window of his ex-wife's home.

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